Brenham ISD is participating in Walk Across Texas to help our students, faculty, and staff

Walk Across Texas is a free 8-week program that encourages students and the community to 
create healthy habits through one of the least expensive and easiest ways to get fit, walking.

All Brenham ISD elementary classrooms have an opportunity to walk the 832 miles across Texas as a class or with their family, friends, and loved ones through Bonus Miles. Walking actual miles aren't even necessary for calculation. As long as participants are active, there is a calculator that can be used to factor mileage. So, stay active and form healthy habits during our 8-week program, beginning January 16 and ending March 10!

Increase your students' physical activity level
with Walk Across Texas in your classroom!


Parents, your child will be trying to see how many times their class can walk the 832 miles across Texas! You can help by not only encouraging them in this process, but you and your family can also contribute miles by either walking with them or logging any physical activity during the 8-week program beginning January 16!

Free Resources:



Brenham ISD's Health and Wellness goals are multi-tiered and available for you to view. Please navigate the information provided to see the plans, policies, resources and activities Brenham ISD has for its students, employees and community.


Brenham Independent School District is committed to providing a school environment that enhances learning and development of lifelong wellness practices.


  • Federal Public Law (PL 108.265 Section 204) states that by the first day of the 2006 school year beginning after June 30, 2006 all schools must develop a wellness policy that involves parents, students, representatives from the district’s child nutrition department, school board, school administrator and the public...that which compiles the School Health Advisory Council. It was updated in 2010 to include the Health, Hunger Free Kids Act.
  • The School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) will establish a plan for measuring implementation of the local wellness policy.
  • Brenham Independent School District teaches children that eating healthy and being physically active everyday can be fun; the programs has proven that establishing healthy habits in childhood can promote behavior changes that carry into adulthood.
  • The District shall follow nutritional guidelines that advance student health and reduce childhood obesity and shall promote the general wellness of all students through nutrition education, physical activity, and other school-based activities.

Brenham ISD Wellness Policy

Each year, Brenham ISD is committed to addressing the health and wellness needs of each of our students. The BSHAC collaborates, assesses, adopts, implements, evaluates, and communicates the BISD Wellness Policy to the BISD Board of Trustees to raise awareness of BISD's progress and any adaptations to the health and wellness needs of the students. To take a look at the current BISD Wellness Policy, please click on the link below.

Current Wellness Policy and links to other BISD Policies

A current copy of the BSHAC Bylaws are also available via a link below.

Member Name Member Representation
 Jim & Angie Baker Washington County Business Commmunity
 Clara Carrias DSHS Department of Health
 Tammy Jaster City of Brenham; BISD Parent
 Crystal Locke City of Brenham
 Mary Sanders Washington County Extension Agent
 Amanda Droddy BISD Physical Education Teacher
 Diana Glenz BISD Child Nutrition
 Gloria Gochenour BISD Head Nurse
 Natalie James BISD Outdoor Education
 Jeremy Johnston BISD BSHAC Liaison; BISD Parent
 Kam Stelter BISD Health Teacher; BISD Parent

BSHAC meetings for 2016-2017 will be scheduled soon. Please check back to see dates, times, and locations of meetings to potentially attend. To request consideration as an addition to the agenda, then please email the BISD BSHAC Liaison.

Date Time Location
Much of the BSHAC policy is cemented in the healthy eating opportunities provided by BISD's Child Nutrition Department. Healthy meals and snack options are available on BISD campuses. When the numbers have been compiled, then a link will be provided below.
Brenham ISD is tasked each year by the Texas Education Agency and the federal government to assess the health and wellness of each of its students through physical assessments. TEA focuses on this through the Fitnessgram, logged by the physical education department on each BISD campus. When the numbers have been compiled, then a link will be provided below.
The BSHAC normally entertains one major community-wide event during the school-year, The Fitness Walk. The BSHAC will be asking its schools and the community how to best address its needs this year, so please check back to see what events and activities we will have planned.
Brenham ISD provides opportunities for its employees to maintain their health and wellness. Whether it be through community partnerships, BSHAC events, MyFitnessPal, or the Wellness Center, BISD is committed to helping its employees maintain a healthy lifestyle to continue positively reaching into the lives of its students!
BISD MyFitnessPal Group
Employee Wellness Center
Open 7 days a week from 6am - 9pm
Located at the Cub Stadium fieldhouse 
(Click here for directions)

Contact Rory Archibald for Wellness Center access.