What Parents Need to Know About: Gifted & Talented


What is Gifted & Talented?

A gifted/talented student is a child or youth who performs at or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and who:

  • exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual, creative or artistic area;
  • possesses an unusual capacity for leadership; or excels in a specific academic field

Who qualifies for the program?

Brenham ISD screens students for the G/T program using a multi-criteria approach to selection with 3 phases of placement. G/T identification is based upon data collected from achievement tests, ability tests, parent and teacher observation surveys, and student products from Kingore Planned Experiences.

What services are provided by the program?

Challenging Scientific Investigations (CSI) provides an opportunity for 2nd - 6th grade Gifted and Talented students to explore science and technology as they read, write, solve problems, conduct experiments and apply science to their daily lives. Students who participate in CSI attend once a week for half a day using technology and other STEM related activities to create innovative projects. Third, fourth and fifth grade students have an opportunity to advance from the weekly, half-day CSI program into the fulltime GATEWAY program. The program includes inquiry based learning, leadership development, services projects, and a fine arts component in a self-contained environment with a specialized teacher and cross curricular instruction.

How do students exit the program?

Parents must provide permission to have their child participate in the G/T programs.  A student participating in the G/T program will remain in the program until he/she leaves the district, graduates from high school, or is furloughed (temporarily not receiving services) or exited from the G/T program.

For more information about screening:

Director of Special Programs

Brenham Independent School District

(979) 277-3700 | BrenhamISD.net