Spring Break is just around the corner - it's time to "sharpen the saw"

Today is a Great Day to be a Cub!


It is hard to believe that we are already more than three quarters into the current school year! Spring Break is right around the corner, and I would like to sincerely thank each of you for your continued dedication to educating the hearts and minds of the students of BISD. This community is fortunate to have such a dedicated and committed family of professional educators and support staff such as you. As we take a much needed break, let us commit to return with passion and devotion for our daily work with the country’s most prized resource - our children.  


Because the work of education is so emotionally demanding, it requires us all, students and teachers, to take frequent breaks to simply recharge. I hope that you will relax, sleep late, enjoy your family, take advantage of the sun, and most of all SHARPEN the SAW. Our craft is not the work of an engineer or technician; rather our enterprise is built upon relationships, inspiring hope of a better life for our students, and developing creative minds to become the problem solvers of our future world.


We have an immense responsibility as professional educators and support staff. We have one of the most important jobs in a free society. In fact, no other profession could be successful without the dedication and life-long commitment of the educator.


Enjoy your Spring Break!


Dr. Walter Jackson

Superintendent of Schools