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Happy Maifest and Cinco de Mayo!

Today is a great day to be a Cub! It is hard to believe that we are now in the first week of May, and less than a month is left of another fantastic school year! Our students continue to excel in academics, athletics, performing and visual arts, and we just witnessed one of the best spring bluebonnet seasons in recent years! Spring in Brenham is such an exciting time of year for us all. Many students are gearing up for STAAR/EOC tests, graduation, and college, while others are anxiously awaiting summer vacation.

We certainly would not be the thriving Brenham community we are without celebrating Maifest and Cinco de Mayo! We encourage everyone to take advantage of the wonderful festivities this coming weekend. As Americans, and particularly Brenhamites, we have never been one-dimensional; we can proudly celebrate Maifest and our German heritage, while simultaneously celebrating Cinco de Mayo and honoring a rich Mexican-American tradition. Our strength as a small town is in our diversity and our willingness to respect and support each other. Let us never abandon these rich traditions and the cultural heritage that make us uniquely Brenham.  

Kudos to everyone who helped make this year an incredible journey for us all. I am so looking forward to seeing you throughout the last few weeks of school. Thank you for choosing Brenham, and thank you for helping us to promote our ONE Brenham, Better Together philosophy!

Thank you for a wonderful year!

Dr. Walter Jackson

Superintendent of Schools