ESL - (English as a Second Language)


What Parents Need to Know About: ESL


Who qualifies for the program?

Upon initial new student enrollment, all students must have a Home Language Survey (HLS) completed in their student record. If the HLS indicates a language spoken in the home other than English, testing must be initiated to determine English proficiency. Students are administered an oral language proficiency test in English called the IPT.  Students who qualify for English as a Second Language (ESL) are students who speak a language other than English and have limited English proficiency. In addition to the IPT test, students in grades 2-12 are given the IOWA, an English norm-referenced standardized achievement test. Students scoring below the cut-off English proficiency on the IPT and below the 40th percentile on the English reading and language are classified as an English Learner. The Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) determines if the student qualifies for Bilingual or ESL and provides a written recommendation to the parents.

What services are provided by the program?

The ESL program integrates ESL instruction with subject matter, which focuses not only on learning English but also using that language to learn mathematics, science, social social studies. Teachers must be certified and trained in working with students whose home language is other than English. Students in fifth grade through twelfth grade are only offered ESL and it is available in prekindergarten through fourth grade. The ESL program is designed to meet the diverse needs of English learners by teaching listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills at appropriate developmental and proficiency levels within a regular English classroom setting or in an ESL class in secondary. Students receive instruction primarily in academic language to ensure success in school with the focus on learning English.

How do students exit the program?

Texas has specific grade level exit requirements. For students in STAAR tested grades, students must pass the Reading STAAR in English, receive Advanced High in TELPAS Writing or pass STAAR writing if taken, and are fluent in English on the listening and speaking test.

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