Goal No. 4 FAQs

Will my currently enrolled child have to change schools?
No.  Students who are currently enrolled will remain on their home campus under this plan.

Will my child be separated from his siblings?
No.  The computerized selection process is designed to keep siblings on the same elementary campus.

Will there be transportation to all campuses?
Yes.  Durham Transportation will provide transportation to and from every elementary campus.

Will my child have excellent teachers?
Brenham ISD is committed to providing an exceptional education for all students.

Will my child have access to GT programs?
Yes.  The CSI (Challenging Scientific Investigations) program is available to all 2nd-6th grade students who are identified by Brenham ISD as gifted and talented.

Will my child have access to Special Education services?
Yes.  BISD will serve all students who are eligible for Special Education services.

Will my child have access to special programs?
Yes.  All Brenham ISD schools offer the same quality academics and equitable programming and opportunities for students. 

Will my child attend the school closest to my home?
Not necessarily.  The computerized selection process will determine the campus assignment.