Brenham Independent School District Vision Statement
Brenham Independent School District...A Proud Community Inspiring and Encouraging Excellence for ALL.
Brenham Independent School District Mission Statement
In collaboration with our families and community, Brenham Independent School District is Committed to an Exceptional Education for ALL students.
Brenham Independent School District Belief Statements
In Brenham ISD We Believe ALL Students: 
Are our future and deserve in-depth, individualized instruction cultivated through personalized relationships with educators and others in the school community.

In Brenham ISD We Believe ALL Teachers:
Are the cornerstones to student success and in partnership with families, will advocate for the growth and development of all students. 

In Brenham ISD We Believe ALL Families:
Are partners in supporting education and helping students reach their full potential through effective communication and collaboration.

In Brenham ISD We Believe ALL Campus and District Leaders:
must be innovative, respected role models, excellent communicators, and closely connected to the community

In Brenham ISD We Believe the Superintendent:
must be a visionary leader and communicator who shares in the development of students and staff and maintains tradition while preparing for the future.

In Brenham ISD We Believe the Board of Trustees:
is entrusted with setting a student-centered vision for the District in the collective interest of the community.  
Brenham Independent School District Goals (Revisited at a later time: 3/5/21)
1. BISD will provide a coordinated curriculum that is implemented through effective instructional practices.
2. BISD will develop responsible, respectful and collaborative citizens.
3. BISD will provide a safe and secure environment at all BISD facilities.
4. BISD will balance the demographics on all elementary campuses.
5. BISD will attract and retain quality staff.

2018-2019 District Priorities (Revisited at a later time: 3/5/21)

Priority #1 - Academics, Accountability, and Engagement

BISD will demonstrate growth in student achievement and engagement as evidenced by a broad range of age-appropriate academic measures and involvement in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. 

Priority #2 - Safety and Security

BISD will strengthen security measures and serve as a model for public schools by enhancing safety, protecting the positive learning environment, and ensuring that the socioemotional needs of students are met.

Priority #3 - District Culture 

BISD will be the employer of choice for educators who believe in a culture of superior work ethic, collaboration, civility, mission-driven behavior, continuous improvement, growth mindset, and positive communication and relationships with all stakeholders.

Priority #4 - STEAM Education 

BISD will be a lighthouse for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education in order to prepare students for the future of their choosing within these ever-expanding fields. 

Priority #5 - Financial Integrity 

BISD will adopt and manage a fiscally responsible operating budget that supports district goals and priorities, especially as it relates to attracting and retaining high quality staff.

Priority #6 - Facility Management 

BISD will manage, update, and create new pathways to ensure facilities are properly maintained in order to foster learning in a healthy environment.