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Happy Easter

Dear Cub Nation,

As we enter into this Easter and Passover season there is so much for us to be thankful for. We continue to navigate a “new normal” path through the hazy uncertainties of the COVID-19 school closure. Although our district remains closed, our staff members continue to work daily to support the learning and instructional needs of the students in our district. Teachers have created packets for students who do not have access to the internet at home, while other students engage in online learning through digital activities and video instruction. Each week teachers and counselors are contacting students to check in on their learning and well being.

In spite of these challenging times, we have been blessed to see the absolute best in our staff and community volunteers. As of this week, our district has served over 18,633 meals to our students. We are doing everything possible to reach the students who are spread throughout the 439 square miles served by our district. We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and willingness to partner with us through these new ways of teaching and learning. 

Numerous intentional acts of kindness are enacted each day by support staff, teachers, principals, directors, and volunteers. I continue to be humbled and inspired by our staff’s dedication and commitment to our students and families. We are all familiar with the historic themes of the Easter story. Practically everyone in our community has given up something to be of service to others during this challenging time. 

Brenham is truly a student focused district and community that always places the welfare of its students and families at the forefront of every decision. For that we are thankful. On behalf of the District Administration and the Board of Trustees, the message we send to our families at this time is that we love you. We are here for you. We are praying for you and we wish you a Happy Easter!  

Dr. Walter Jackson

Superintendent of Schools 

We can do this!

Dear Cub Nation Family,

We continue to adapt to this new normal, treading out a path for our future through the thick fog of uncertainty. The calamity of the COVID-19 disruption to our lives has not diminished our resolve to do what is right for our students and families. Yesterday, families throughout our district picked up the first instructional packets and many of our students are already working through our online platforms and resources. While this is just the beginning of our district’s “at-home learning“ plan, I encourage our teachers to challenge students’ intellect and imagination through new concepts, online videos, games, music, art, and the sciences. We find ourselves in a place we’ve never been before in the history of our modern world. This is all new to us. We will make mistakes, and that’s ok because we are the profession that models for everyone else how to learn.

Let’s continue to help each other through this time. Let’s all commit to being positive and lifting each other as a Cub Nation family. I am inspired by your commitment and dedication and you remain in my thoughts and prayers! We can do this!

Dr. Walter Jackson

Superintendent of Schools