James Dennis



This month the “You Make a Difference Award” recognizes Mr. James Dennis who has played an important role as a substitute teacher, mentor, and historian to many of the students and staff at Brenham High School. As citizens of our wonderful community, we must understand and embrace the uniqueness of all individuals, appreciating that each contributes a diversity of experiences, cultural heritage and traditions. Mr. James Dennis brings to our district numerous experiences, from his early years as a freedom fighter during the 1960's march for Civil Rights to his long and illustrious tenure as College Professor in California’s Higher Education System. The students and staff, along with the Board of Trustees wish to thank and recognize Professor Dennis for his many years of dedicated service to our school district.

Mr. Dennis, you are a Brenham Treasure and “YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE”!


The Bush School of Government & Public Service

This month the “You Make a Difference Award” recognizes The Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M University for hosting 40 Brenham High School and Brenham Junior High School students from the superintendent’s student advisory council. The visit included a tour of the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library, conversations with graduate students about college life and leadership, and a tour of The Bush School of Government & Public Service. This unique opportunity exposed our students to a program that will strengthen their leadership skills and help foster a post-secondary mindset.

A special thanks to graduate student Tiffany Easter for coordinating this outstanding experience and to students Mikaela Rhodes, Nico Senften, Connor Toomey and Keri Weinman who couldn’t be with us today due to finals.

Accepting the award on behalf of The Bush School is Director of Admissions/Recruitment Kathryn Meyer, pictured with BHS students Katie Perkins and Carson Ann Groves.