Brenham Fortnightly Club & Dr. Cassandra Bryant

From what was organized in 1895 as a literary club with 14 charter members, to a club which opened the first public library in Brenham in 1901, the Fortnightly Club has grown into an organization of women who continue to serve this community through numerous activities which benefit the children of this school district. This year their used book sale boasted 80,000 books to continue its support of the Nancy Carol Roberts Library. When the sale is complete the children in Boys and Girls Club are provided with gift certificates to choose their own books, disadvantaged children are provided with books from the "Magic Book Basket" and the Brenham Clinic's pediatric library is replenished. A graduating senior of Brenham High School is also provided with a $500 scholarship. Members volunteer many hours with the children of this community through CARS and the Lights on Reading Program. Fortnightly Club, we thank you for supporting, reading and providing limitless resources for learning. YOU make a difference!

Dr. Cassandra Bryant is much more than a pediatrician at the Brenham Clinic. She is also an avid supporter of Brenham ISD who is working to empower kids with words. During a recent planning session, fourth grade teachers at Alton Elementary School identified an immediate need for students to have a dictionary/thesaurus to prepare for the STAAR writing assessment. AES teacher Kim Murphy made a phone call to her friend Dr. Bryant who happily volunteered to provide the materials. With the help of The Dictionary Project, Dr. Bryant has provided almost 400 dictionaries to fourth grade classrooms at Alton Elementary, Brenham Elementary, and Krause Elementary. Dr. Bryant, thank you for giving the power of words to our fourth graders. YOU make a difference.