January 2016

Dr. Donald Draehn, Dave Hubbard, Charlie Matejowsky

Dr. Donald Draehn is a graduate of Brenham High School who continued his education to become a pediatrician in the same community in which he was born and raised. He served on the Brenham ISD Board of Trustees from 1985 to 1997, took a six year break, and returned in 2003 to serve again until 2015. For 24 years he contributed his time and devotion to the students of this district both on the board and in his medical practice. There are very few children in this community who have not been treated and loved by Dr. Donald Draehn. This community and school district are blessed by his dedication. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE, DR. DRAEHN!

Mr. Dave Hubbard is a man who personifies the word Volunteer.  His dedication to volunteering at Brenham High School and Brenham Junior High covers over twenty years.  He can be seen at both of these schools during the week helping the school, staff, administration, and most importantly the students.  Mr. Hubbard has given his time, dedication, and devotion to making a difference in Brenham ISD.  Our school district is blessed by having him as a volunteer.  YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE, MR. HUBBARD!

Coach Charlie Matejowsky has been described as a Christian man who is very devoted to his family, his church and his Brenham Cubs.  Charlie came to Brenham as Athletic Director and Head Football Coach in April 1977 and served in that position until 1982.  He can be seen on the sidelines on Friday night encouraging our players, at Van Dyke Rankin during the week, and preaching on Sundays.  Brenham ISD was blessed to have the Matejowsky family move to Brenham and are still very proud to have him serve as an incredible role model for our youth.  YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE, MR. MATEJOWSKY!