Brenham ISD bus drivers receive school bus simulation training

All Brenham ISD school bus drivers, from rookies to veterans, are receiving school bus simulation training from Region 6 Education Service Center in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The training provides over 490 Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) scenarios to prepare drivers to safely operate a school bus. The fully interactive system allows participants to practice difficult maneuvers repeatedly until mastered, as well as experience potentially threatening situations and adverse conditions in complete safety.

According to Leslie Lockett, General Manager of Durham School Services in Brenham, the training is already working. “Our new drivers are receiving training on safety, laws, and regulations. Our veterans are asking good questions and getting a refresher course,” said Lockett. All drivers are required to complete three hours of safety training including classroom instruction, interactive simulation experience, hands-on training, and a test for mastery.

The bus simulation training is being provided by Larry Thornton, Safety Training Specialist for Region 6 Education Service Center. Thornton uses a $250,000 unit that is one of only three in the nation. “The joy I get is seeing the improvement in their driving. The Brenham school district is really doing a great job,” said Thornton.

Warren Richardson participates in one of the Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) scenarios.


Sheila Demery, Warren Richardson and Jerry Moore receive classroom instruction from Thornton.


Sheila Demery, Warren Richardson and Jerry Moore receive hands-on training from Thornton.