September 11 - We will never forget!

Today is a great day to be a Cub!

Today marks the sixteenth anniversary of the fateful day that our country experienced a horrific attack of terrorism. Through strong and decisive national leadership and Americans pulling together, we have overcome that dark national drama, and we are now stronger than ever. Sadly, our state and our nation face yet another challenge. Today, thousands of Texas families are homeless, and hundreds of schools are closed due to the destruction of Hurricane Harvey. As we begin the rebuilding of Houston and the entire Texas Gulf Coast, continue to pray for and support those in need by making donations to the charity of your choosing. Our friends in Florida are also faced with their own 200 billion dollar reconstruction phase due to the destruction of Hurricane Irma. Catastrophes are a fact of life; however, I am most inspired by how we, as Americans, Texans, and citizens of Brenham and Washington County, face these challenges - with authentic American pride and honor!

On this September 11, let us pause to reflect on and teach our students the importance of community, brotherhood, and the national pride we all possess. The lessons of selfless service we teach our students today will become what they eventually express outwardly as adult citizens. Let us commit to teach our students the American values of service above self, love for family and God, and a deep appreciation of the fact that we are blessed to live in this great country!

We will never forget!

Dr. Walter Jackson

Superintendent of Schools