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Life matters!

Recently, we were informed of the passing of a dear friend and Brenham ISD family member, former Brenham Elementary School principal Robert Fleming. Rob served Brenham ISD faithfully at BES for five years before retiring last May. Rob was a kind and generous man who loved his family, church, students and staff.

Since receiving the devastating news about Mr. Fleming, I have been thinking about what really matters in life. While getting an education, having a successful career, and making money have been staples of the American Dream, is that what’s most important to all? I believe some of the most important things in life cannot simply be measured by these standards. The things that matter most in life are not jobs, money, travel, or local fame and notoriety. I believe the things that matter most in life are our service to others, having solid relationships with family and friends, and being remembered for making a difference in the lives of others, especially our children.

As the holiday season quickly approaches, I hope that each of us will reflect on the things that matter most. The work that you do each and everyday in Brenham ISD for nearly 5,000 students matters. When you and I are no longer around, our work and service will live on, just as Rob’s memory and work lives on. I believe every person has an innate desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Service, friendship, leadership, mentorship, and being a good example for others are things that matter in my book!

We remember our friend and brother Robert Fleming in the most positive light, and thank him for his dedication to Brenham ISD.

Dr. Walter Jackson

Superintendent of Schools