Brenham ISD Transportation Department

Brenham ISD is happy to announce the creation of the:
Brenham ISD Transportation Department
for the 2023-2024 school year. 

BISD Transportation Dept. Main Number:

Brenham ISD Transportation is focused on providing our parents and students with safe and efficient transportation services. As we begin this new department there will be some differences in service. 

Please be sure to sign up for Bus services on our registration form to ensure your student is assigned to ride the bus. Registration forms are reviewed regularly. Please understand that if you live in rural areas where no stops already exist that it may take a few days to add the stop and notify others of time changes. Every time a stop is added it can affect everyone else on the route.  Students pick up and drop off locations are determined by the address that is in the Ascender system. If you move or have moved please make sure to notify the Campus your child attends and submit supporting documentation. Stops will be reviewed in order to maintain efficient routes to promote reasonable ride times for our students. If a stop has not been used for a two week period, it will then be removed from the route. This is to help ensure our routes are efficient. 

 It is our goal to provide your student with a pleasant and safe bus ride. Please review the Code of Conduct. Following the Transportation Department’s Student Code of Conduct will help ensure that everyone will have a safe and pleasant ride. Please know that the rules of the classroom are expected to be followed on the bus as well. 

Brenham ISD is excited to offer Transportation services to its students and will continue to improve every day.