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Happy Black History Month

Dear Cub Nation,

Today is a great day to be a Cub!

February is a special month for those of us who work in the school system. We get to celebrate President’s Day, buy sweet treats for the special people in our lives, and learn about notable Americans through the celebration of Black History Month. Our nation continues to grow and develop a greater sense of pride and respect for each other’s values, cultures, and opinions. I believe it is important to celebrate Black History Month to highlight the many achievements and advancements African Americans have made to and for this great nation. 

I believe nothing inspires students to achieve greatness more than seeing others from their culture succeed. Celebrating the many achievements and the legacy of African Americans in this country helps to shed light on just how interwoven the culture of our nation truly is. We are a stronger nation because of the many contributions of Americans from all walks of life. Columbus discovered the new world. Lincoln’s leadership ended slavery and bound up the wounds of our nation from a divided one, and Dr. King inspired us all to dream of an America that had not yet been realized for all. Each of these diverse leaders has helped to sew the American tapestry we all cherish and love. 

As educators, it is our responsibility to make certain students of all cultures recognize and respect the achievements of African Americans. Black history is American history, and American history is our history. Let us celebrate together and become the great nation that our Founding Fathers had in mind when this great country was founded.

Happy Black History Month! 

Dr. Walter Jackson

Superintendent of Schools