CBVE Teacher Martha Ratcliff thanks local partners

One of the many wonderful opportunities that BISD offers to their students is a Community Based Vocational Education (CBVE) class at Brenham High School. This is the first year that this class has been offered. The CBVE class partners with community businesses, and through those partnerships, sites are provided for community based vocational education.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the local businesses that have provided training sites this year for our CBVE students: Boy’s & Girl’s Club of Washington County, City of Brenham Pet Adoption Center, Goodwill Store, Higgins Branch South, K-Bob’s Steakhouse, Nancy Carol Roberts Memorial Library, Pizzaiolo’s, The Home Depot, and Westwood Cinema 6. The students were introduced to many vocational skills, were able to work on social and workplace behavior requirements, and also provide a service one day a week to the participating businesses.

If your community business is interested in learning more about becoming a CBVE Community Partner and providing a training site, please contact me at the email below. THANK YOU TO OUR COMMUNITY PARTNERS!

Martha Ratcliff

CBVE Teacher