Brenham Cub Band reveals newly redesigned trailer

Today the Brenham Cub Band revealed the newly redesigned trailer that is used to transport uniforms and equipment. Last year, the Brenham High School graphic arts class was tasked with creating potential designs for the new trailer wrap. After narrowing the submissions down to seven finalists, and reviewing changes made based on recommendations to those seven, three designs went into the final design phase. After more tweaking and some very difficult decisions, one design, created by BHS student Landon Rhoden, was selected to be put on the trailer. BHS student Osvaldo Yanez also contributed to the design on the back of the trailer.

Student designer and Brenham Cub Band member Landon Rhoden said of the process, "To be able create something that you're passionate about, but also for something that you love the most, what a rewarding experience."

Band director Eric Rettig credits band parent volunteers with the success of this project.

“The volunteerism of many band parents is what made this project possible. It is amazing that the band parents can pull off such a huge project and financial commitment without a band fee or mandatory parent work requirements. I am proud of our booster organization because we have over 12% of the Brenham High School student body involved with band. I hope we can continue working in such a healthy volunteer atmosphere for years to come!”

L to R: Richard Hord (Take 3 Trailers), C.H. Harvey (TFE Company, Inc.), Randy Kamenicky (band parent and driver), Landon Rhoden (BHS student designer), Jim Kruse (Bank of Brenham)