Brenham ISD Volunteers

Welcome Volunteers!

We are currently accepting applications for the current school year.  We are grateful to you.  Thank you for supporting our campuses, students, and staff!  

Volunteer Contact Information:

Dalida Alvarez
Substitute & Volunteer Coordinator 
979-277-3700 EXT: 3703

Brooke Trahan
Director of Communications & Community Engagement
979-277-3700 EXT: 3715

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All volunteers must reapply every year. Submit a Volunteer Application below. Please review the Brenham ISD Criminal History Standards for Volunteers prior to completing your application.
Applicants will receive an email confirmation regarding the status of their application within 5-7 days.
*Any volunteer declined because of the criminal background check will receive notification. At no point will a Principal or Volunteer Coordinator receive information about a person’s criminal background check. All information will remain confidential.
You are now ready to join the rewarding and fun volunteer programs on your campus! You have received your email confirming you are cleared to volunteer. Next, you will be contacted by a Volunteer Coordinator to arrange your volunteer effort. Thank you for volunteering and serving our Brenham ISD community!
The FAQ section on our volunteer page is a valuable resource designed to provide answers to common questions and concerns that potential and current volunteers may have. 
    • A good volunteer is consistent, dependable, interested in making a difference, respectful and appreciative of teachers and students, and faithful to commitments.

    • Volunteers are role models for students in behavior, speech, and dress.

    • When persons are on duty as volunteers, the district requests that they dress in conformity with the teacher’s dress code.

    • Volunteers will check in at the front desk upon arrival at the school. This record allows the school to know who is in the building

    • Volunteers will wear name badges provided by the school as a security measure and as recognition of the value the school places on its volunteers.

    • Volunteers will learn campus procedures and follow them.

    • Volunteers will be sure to keep track of their volunteer hours through their Raptor profile.
  • Generally, volunteers are parents, grandparents, representatives from the business community, and other concerned and dedicated people who give generously of their time in the Brenham schools to support the professional staff and enrich the educational experiences of nearly 5,000 students.
  • Brenham ISD volunteers assist with special events, serve as tutors, make special presentations, and read to students. In the school clinics, libraries, and office areas, volunteers provide clerical assistance. We also have volunteers who work with clubs, and extracurricular like Special Olympics, MCJROTC, Theatre, AVID, Art Club, and more! 
  • The campus volunteer coordinators will work with volunteers to match the volunteer’s skills, interests, and available time to projects. Most volunteers serve during the school day, unless they signed up for a special school event. Some take projects home to complete at their leisure. Members of booster clubs often show their commitment after school hours and on the weekends at performances and competitions.
  • Volunteers service in all Brenham ISD schools. Typically, parents and grandparents service where their children and grandchildren attend school. Business and community members are matched with schools that need their support
  • Please contact Dalida Alvarez at or 979-277-3703, or Brooke Trahan at or call 979-277-3715 for questions regarding your application.
  • Yes, Brenham ISD employees are required to fill out the volunteer application. Click  HERE to apply.
  • Yes, every Brenham ISD volunteer is required to complete an application each school year.